Ira @ Herzenbad, Radolfzell, Germany (2010-08-07) flickr Up

Andreas Rosczyk, Guitar, Sweet Spot, Lensbaby, Green, Ira, Herzenbad, Radolfzell

75 mm f/2.8 — 1/60" (-1.3 EV) @ ISO 800
SONY DSLR-A700 / Lensbaby Composer Double Glass 50mm F2.0

Processed using 100% free software: GIMP, UFRaw, ImageMagick and Perl.

Tobias Hoffmann, Starburst, Sweet Spot, Lensbaby, Blue, Yellow, Ira, Herzenbad, Radolfzell

Andreas Rosczyk, Guitar, Starburst, Sweet Spot, Lensbaby, Yellow, Ira, Herzenbad, Radolfzell

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